Prioritizing Health, Safety, and Community Amid COVID-19

The health and safety of our customers and employees and community is our top priority. We are closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and continuously assessing its potential impact on our operations. With that in mind, Dwayne Lane's Auto Family is taking trusted guidance from the CDC, our internal health providers, and Washington's health agencies.

All Dwayne Lane's locations are open for business, and continue to operate with the same level of customer care and service.  In an attempt to minimize the risk of COVID-19, we have implemented a series of precautionary steps to maintain a level of hygiene and cleanliness for our visiting customers and employees, including:

·        Per government mandate, mask or face protection is required by all employees and customers inside premised unless a  medical condition, mental health condition, or disability prevents the customer from wearing one or if the customer or a dealership employee is deaf or hard of hearing and not wearing a mask is essential to communication. Children under 5 exempt.

·         No physical contact with staff or customers, maintain 6 ft. distance.

·         Replacing handshakes with warm salutations and verbal greetings.

·         Sneeze guards installed at customer facing desks

·         Increased deep cleaning and sanitizing procedures across all major touch points in our retail locations and offices throughout the day being extra conscious about disinfecting hi-touch areas including door handles, countertops and restrooms.

·         Sanitizing of vehicles before and after service work, vehicle inspections test drives and delivery.

·         Hand sanitizer, tissues and wipes are available at all locations.

·         Masks used by staff when interacting with customers not behind protective barrier.

·         Encourage customers to use masks when visiting dealership

·         Continued education on correct hand washing and respiratory hygiene practices.

·         Use of gloves by all automotive technicians; wiping down of vehicles before and after service repairs, test drives, and movement of vehicles.

·         Monitoring Covid-19 symptoms of employees and implementing stay at home measures if ill.

·         Closing of Kids Rooms and spacing out chairs in waiting areas to maintain 6 ft. distance.

As the world copes with the growing impact of this outbreak, we remain steadfast in the belief that people will uphold personal responsibility to prevent the spread of this virus through responsible hygiene practices and self-quarantining practices as needed.

As a company, we'll continue to do what is right for our employees, our customers and the community. We will continue to stay close to our local health officials and trusted partners, and we are optimistic this will be a temporary situation.

Dwayne Lane's Auto Family is committed to minimizing the spreading of the virus and protecting our customers and staff as best as possible by being prudent and prepared.  We are privileged to serve you and this community, we look forward to seeing you soon. Dwayne Lane's Auto Family, We'll Take Care of You!

Dwayne Lane's Auto Family, We'll Take Care of You!